Jerusalem: Suspects arrested for launching fireworks illegally

Police arrest suspects, confiscate fireworks, in mass operation to stop illegal and dangerous launches.

Rafael Levi ,

Israel Police work in Jerusalem to end illegal fireworks
Israel Police work in Jerusalem to end illegal fireworks
Israel Police spokesperson

Thirty-eight suspects were arrested and 185 packages of fireworks were confiscated during a police operation to battle illegal possession and launching of fireworks in Jerusalem's Arab neighborhoods.

On Saturday, Arabs celebrated the receipt of matriculation results by launching illegal fireworks for twelve hours straight.

Israel Police prepared throughout the weekend for the publication of the matriculation results, aiming to locate, prevent, and arrest those who chose to endanger the public by launching dangerous explosives.

Police began their operations on Thursday, and it is still ongoing.

Participating in the operations are large uniformed forces, as well as large numbers of undercover personnel, who are patrolling the streets of Jerusalem's Arab neighborhoods and have so far arrested 38 suspects for launching, possessing, and selling illegal fireworks. In addition, police officers have succeeded in preventing additional incidents in various areas of the country.

"Israel Police will use every means and tool available to it in order to bring these suspects, who chose to celebrate while endangering their lives and the lives and property of the public, to justice," police said in a statement.