Intelligence minister: 'Netanyahu's coronavirus policy saved 4,500 lives'

Intelligence Min. Eli Cohen praises government coronavirus policy and Israeli doctors for preventing 4,500 deaths.

Shimon Cohen ,

Eli Cohen
Eli Cohen
Aviv Hertz/ TPS

Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen (Likud) has noted the significant gap between the number of deaths from coronavirus in Israel, and the number of deaths in countries similar in size to Israel.

According to him, the low death rate is one of Israel's most significant accomplishments during this outbreak, and it is due to the policies spearheaded by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu: As a result of these policies, the lives of over 4,000 Israelis were saved.

"When we look at countries of similar size, we're talking about 5,000 deaths," Cohen told Channel 13 on Tuesday morning. "Every person is an entire world. The government's and Prime Minister's policy is what led to this [low death rate]."

Cohen also praised Israel's doctors for managing to keep down the death rate despite the rising number of seriously ill patients.

"The government's policy saved us 4,500 deaths," he emphasized. "Shabak's (Israel Security Agency) tracking, which the opposition said should never ever be used - that is what helped us locate another 2,500 cases."