A snapshot of life under Joe Biden and the new socialists

What will America look like if Joe Biden wins the election?

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Walter Bingham ,

Barack Obama and Joe Biden
Barack Obama and Joe Biden

There is a variety of views and varying instructions about the coronavirus that has the population in total confusion. Is it hysteria or trustworthy research?

It’s: Wild West all over again in the US. Police defunding seems the remedy for the country’s ills!

Maybe: The empty plinths of destroyed statues will soon be filled by the new 21st century hero of the United States! Listen to the show to find out who that is.

Democrat ploy: Making Washington DC the 21st State. Hear why? in the show.

Did you know: That proselytizing is legal in Israel? Walter explains all.

Hear: A former Christian missionary spilling the beans, exposing their shrewd and stealthy modus operandi.

Why: Do LGBTQ people flaunt their sexual preferences?

And: more.