"Also in the IAF, our special forces are at the core"

Head of IAF & commander of new speical forces wing explain: "We are embarking upon the next chapter in the history of Aerial Special Forces"

Arutz Sheva ,

IAF Special Forces Wing
IAF Special Forces Wing
Amit Agronov / IDF

Today (Sunday), the IAF marked the opening of the new Special Forces Wing. The new wing includes “Shaldag”, Unit 669, and the Frontal Landing Unit which will later be joined by an intelligence unit and a training school for Special Air Force combat troops

"We are in times of regional change", said Commander of the IAF, Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin, during the opening ceremony, "with a global pandemic and a battlefield becoming more complex every day. Our commanders understand that these changes force us to adapt to the challenges that the future holds".

Col. E. the Commander of the Wing explained that the idea is to create "a systemic organization of Special Forces, which focuses on unique operational response to the IAF's challenges". Col. E, defined the wing as "a dream for the IDF's Special Forces personnel and in general". "The time has come, and also in the IAF, our special forces are at the core", he added.

IAF commander Maj. Gen. Norkin added: "After extensive work, at the base of which is an operational vision - there is an enhanced capability that makes our special forces more effective in combat, more influential in building our Aerial Superiority and a more significant part of every process within the IAF".

"We are combining the capabilities of "Shaldag" with Unit 669 and the Frontal Landing Unit, adding the assets of our Materiel Directorate, combining their operational and training departments, changing and improving the building process, upgrading our intelligence capabilities - and making the IAF a better Air Force", concluded Maj Gen. Norkin. "Today, we are embarking upon the next chapter in the history of the Aerial Special Forces - we were carried on the shoulders of those who dared before us, and it is now our turn to lead the way".

Commander of the wing, Col. E. said: "As we progress and the environment becomes more complex, the need to adapt and shift our focus becomes more pronounced. To allow that change and create a gap for the coming decade with our environment, our enemy, and our operational challenges, we broke paradigms, dared to think, ask and improve - we recreated the IAF special forces. The 7th Wing, home of the Aerial Special Forces, is a unique wing in the IAF. Its purpose is to address the core challenges of the Air Force and to produce creative and relevant operational solutions, with the strong belief in our Aerial superiority, and its significance to the security of our nation".