Arabs hijack car from mother, daughter in Samaria

Two masked Arabs steal car at gunpoint from mother and child. 'Such attacks can occur because they removed the checkpoints.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

carjacking (illustration)
carjacking (illustration)

Two masked Arab men hijacked a car from a woman and her daughter at the Dotan Hermesh junction in Samaria Thursday.

During the hijacking, one of the Arabs fired a gun into the air and even attempted to shoot at the mother and daughter. Their lives were saved when the weapon jammed.

The hijackers then fled in the stolen vehicle toward the village of Yabed.

Samaria Regional Council chairman Yossi Dagan lamented the circumstances that make such attacks possible.

"This event is the result of the removal of the checkpoints whose absence allowed the attackers to get away. In the name of easing the restrictions on Arab movement in the area, Israelis living in the area are attacked, including a mother and her child," Dagan said.

"If the checkpoints had not been removed, they would not have been able to escape to Yabed and therefore would not have carried out the attack in the first place. Unfortunately, we have to learn from these experiences. This kind of event can easily degenerate into a tragedy. The massacre of the Fogel family also began with a robbery. I call on the prime minister and the security forces to restore the checkpoints to prevent these attacks," he added.