Hundreds of soldiers from Nahshon Battalion enter isolation

Entire battalion goes into isolation at Golan Heights base after COVID-19 patient attends soldier's birthday party.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

IDF soldiers (archive)
IDF soldiers (archive)
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Hundreds of soldiers from the Nahshon Battalion entered isolation amid suspicions that they came into contact with a coronavirus patient.

The soldiers are in isolation at an IDF base on the Golan Heights.

Yisrael Hayom reported that a soldier in the battalion threw a birthday party at a pool for herself over the last weekend. The soldier will likely face disciplinary action when she recovers.

One of the guests at the party was a patient who had tested positive for the coronavirus. The patient came into contact with the soldier who threw the party as well as her friends. Seveal days later, the soldiers were tested for the virus and several, including the soldier who hosted the party, were found to have contracted the disease.

Other soldiers who came in contact with the soldier who threw the party were also required to enter isolation. Those who develop symptoms will be tested for the virus in accordance with medical guidelines. The vast majority of the battalion is now in isolation at a base on the Golan Heights.

A senior commander in the battalion told Yisrael Hayom: "The entire battalion has entered isolation. That is to say, there is to be no unauthorized entry for any reason into the battalion, and the soldiers are required to remain quarantined on the base until further notice. The soldiers continue training, but they are not in contact with any other unit or group."

The IDF has seen an increase in rates of coronavirus infection just as the rest of Israel has. According to statistics released by the military yesterday, 496 soldiers and personnel have been diagnosed with the coronavirus so far. All are or were in mild condition. 245 soldiers and personnel have recovered from the disease so far. 7,809 soldiers and personnel have been placed in isolation.