Here's how the State Department cut Palestinian terror

New State Department report claims 'Palestinian' Arabs acted violently towards Jews just 101 times in 2019. Here's the truth.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Arab throwing firebomb
Arab throwing firebomb

The US State Department has published false statistics regarding harm perpetrated by "Palestinian" Arabs against Jews living in Judea and Samaria, Israel Hayom reported.

The report, published in March by the State Department itself, focused on human rights around the world during the year 2019, and claimed that there were "101 incidents in which Palestinians committed acts of violence against Israeli citizens in the West Bank, mostly stone-throwings." The numbers noted are similar to those in similar State Department reports, and seems to show that the number of incidents was no more than a few dozen.

However, according to IDF and Shabak (Israel Security Agency) statistics, which were published in English as well, the number of violent incidents and attempted violent incidents perpetrated by "Palestinians" was 15 times higher than in the report. In 2019, the IDF reported 290 firebomb-throwing incidents against Israelis, as well as 1,469 rock-throwing incidents. Shabak reported 1,327 terror attacks during the same period.

The true statistics were collected by Boomerang, which works to encourage a pro-Israel outlook. Ezri Tubi, who heads Boomerang, sent a letter to the US Embassy in Jerusalem early in 2020, detailing all of the attempted attacks by "Palestinians" on Israelis in Judea and Samaria, which Boomerang reported as over 1,000. However, the State Department ignored the data. Turning to the person who wrote the report, Tubi asked why the facts were being ignored, and why the US Embassy was willing to accept information from left-wing organizations such as B'tselem and Hamoked, but refused to accept Boomerang's statistics.

"Our report was not intended to be used as a catalog of all the claims of violations of human rights in a given year, but as a document which describes facts relevant to human rights concerns," the representative wrote.

In a letter to Israel Hayom, the US Embassy representative wrote that "the methodology for gathering information for human rights reports is standard across the world, and includes discussions with visiting governments, international organizations, and civil organizations. We consistently request information from the Israeli government on these topics, including while writing the report. Information and statistics given to us by the Israeli government are included in it."

"Instead of admitting the truth and apologizing for the false and twisted report which has been published for dozens of years already, the State Department continues to claim innocence and to claim that it is working objectively," Tubi responded. "It is worth mentioning to the reports' authors, that behind the numbers of hundreds and thousands of attacks by Palestinians against Israelis, there are people who were stabbed, who had firebombs or rocks thrown at them."