'Netanyahu failed: We're less prepared than for first wave'

Yesh Atid leader says growing number of COVID-19 cases proves 'bloated' government 'needs to be put on unpaid leave.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flash 90

Yesh Atid-Telem chairman Yair Lapid accused the government and Prime Minister Netanyahu of failing to prepare for the second wave of the coronavirus.

Speaking at the weekly Yesh Atid factiuon meeting Monday, Lapid said: "The management of the corona crisis is a humiliating national failure, it is dangerous and without precedent. We are the only country in the world that is less prepared for the second wave than it was for the first. Netanyahu failed."

"The detached government isn't functioning. Infection rates are increasing at a dizzying speed. The economy is collapsing. Israel is listed in the world as a "red" country. The whole world is telling us that the government failed in its handling of the corona crisis," he said.

"You can't cheat all of the people all of the time. You can't cheat a sick person and tell them they are healthy. You can't cheat someone with no money and tell them that they have money.

"Yesterday they announced that no more than 50 people can be in an event hall. They forgot one small detail, to say what size of hall they're talking about. 50 people in a basketball arena isn't like 50 people in a community center. By the time they correct their mistakes, a whole sector will collapse.

"That's only one example out of many. That's what happens when in the midst of a national crisis you create a bloated government of 36 ministers and 16 deputy ministers. They spend all day fighting with one another. That's what happens when for political reasons the IDF isn't put into action. That's what happens when people who are disconnected from reality vote down a law to provide unemployment benefits for the self-employed because of petty politics.

"The Israeli public is furious because no one understands what the government wants. No one understands the instructions. No one understands why they announce financial packages that never happen and assistance that never comes. No-one understands because no-one explains.

"Instead of press conferences we need to have two or three minutes every evening during the news with clear instructions that everyone can understand.

"If the situation continues as it is, things will end badly. There will be violence in the streets. I hope I'm wrong. I hope I'll be proved wrong, but I'm worried about violence. If they don't provide unemployment benefits for the self-employed. if they don't let people offset their losses from 2020 against their profits from 2019. If they don't open the events sector. If there isn't a target date for opening the skies. If there isn't a national plan to get the unemployed back to work. There'll be violence.

"People are furious, and they are right to be furious. This government is both corrupt and inefficient. It has failed completely. We are in a crisis and in a crisis, if something isn't working, you change it quickly and without hesitating.

"This government needs to be put on unpaid leave, and quickly. What we need is a small, efficient, cost-effective government which will say clearly, 'no-one will be left behind.' Not the self-employed, not the unemployed, not the events halls, not incoming tourism, not the social workers. No-one. No-one is left behind," Lapid concluded,