Parents creating a new normal for their children

Out of their eleven children, four of them suffer from the constant need of various medical procedures.

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The Eingbar family
The Eingbar family
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All families inevitably experience bumps in the road from time to time. It is a natural progression of life, and overcoming these challenges helps build us up for the future. There are families, however, who cannot catch their breath or recompose themselves quickly enough before experiencing another blow. Leiby and Goldy Eingbar are the parents of such a family.

Leiby and Goldy are the parents of 11 beautiful children. They work extremely hard to sustain themselves, and yet they are caught in a heavy tide of medical bills and high daily expenses. Out of their eleven children, four of them suffer from the constant need of various medical procedures. Their sweet daughter has already undergone a surgery to prevent her from going blind. Two of their younger sons consider the hospital a second home as they spend so much time there for various treatments. The struggles never end.

Despite the many challenges they are facing, Leiby and Goldy are doing their best to persevere and redirect their misfortune. They have seeked counsel from HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlit’a, who has signed a letter on their behalf, that their intentions to save their family are pure. They are working incredibly hard to pay off the medical bill. Leiby works 16-hour days and Goldy remains strong for her family as she shuttles her children from therapies and doctor appointments.

The Eingbars cannot keep up with the growing medical expenses alone. There are simply not enough hours in the day to earn enough money to pay for the procedures their young children have endured, and have yet to endure. Leiby and Goldy pray for the day where they can be a normal family, one without the stress of surgeries and doctors appointments. Until then, they are desperately seeking assistance so that they can give their children what they need and finally turn their backs on the misfortune they’ve endured.