Aliyah is accelerating - Why is it happening now?

The 'price' people seem to have to pay or receive when making Aliyah needs to be seriously considered.

Dr. Sam Minskoff ,

Making Aliyah to Israel
Making Aliyah to Israel
Hillel Maeir/TPS

Dr. Sam Minskoff, a member of the Aliyah Team at Arutz Sheva, discusses some of the realistic-practical-spiritual issues involved in the Aliyah (immigration to Israel) process.

It seems, he says, that the choice to make Aliyah is becoming easier, as the violence towards Diaspora Jews continues to increase along with coronavirus.

Many rabbis have taught that this could very well be one of G-d's tools to encourage Jews to seriously consider making Aliyah (coming home). Dr. Minskoff talks about this special issue in the podcast.