Jobs drop 27.4% in April

Hospitality and food sectors in Israel see 75.7% loss in jobs in first month of coronavirus lockdown.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

שירות התעסוקה
שירות התעסוקה
צילום: שירות התעסוקה

The number of Israelis employed in the Israeli economy fell to 2,648,000 in April, a drop of 27.4% from March, according to a report by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBC) Thursday.

The decline was felt in all sectors of the economy. However, the decline was the most severe in the hospitality and food industries, which saw a loss of 75.7% of jobs from March.

The State of Israel experienced a nationwide shutdown in April due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the CBC, the economy added 20% more jobs in May.

The average salary also rose 14% in May to NIS 12,494 a month.

However, the CBC pointed out that the rise in salaries is likely due to the fact that the majority of people who were let go from their jobs and were receiving unemployment benefits had been in positions where they made less than the average salary,