Corona Cabinet convenes today to discuss new restrictions

Health Ministry will ask ministers to approve restrictions of up to 50 at event halls, restaurants and up to 20 worshipers in synagogues.

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Prayers during the coronavirus
Prayers during the coronavirus
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The Corona Cabinet will convene this afternoon, Thursday, at the Health Ministry in Jerusalem and discuss the imposition of new restrictions on the public over the increase in coronavirus diagnoses.

The ministry's experts recommend limiting events at banquet halls to up to 50 participants and allowing restaurants to include a similar number of customers.

The ministry also seeks to impose restrictions on operating synagogues and allow only up to 20 worshipers to pray in one synagogue.

Yesterday a record was broken in the number of Israelis diagnosed with the virus - 966. One patient who was in serious condition died.

This morning, local closures started in Lod and Ashdod.

Science Minister Yizhar Shai said in an interview with Kan that there is a problematic approach among the public about the outbreak. "There is a gap of four weeks from the moment you see the significant increase in the number of patients until you know how many cases among them are serious. In three or four weeks we will see an increase in the number of patients in serious condition."

"The outlook is not optimistic. It will look like it did in April," said Shai.