'Israel's coronavirus outbreak one of the most severe in the Western world'

'We opened in a wild and uncontrolled fashion, the outbreak is now one of the most severe in the Western world,' journalist Erel Segal says.

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Coronavirus outbreak
Coronavirus outbreak

Journalists Erel Segal and Avi Issacharoff spoke with News 13 about the coronavirus outbreak in Israel.

Segal said that in Monday in England, 135,000 coronavirus tests were conducted, and 689 of them showed positive results. On the same day, Israel performed just 21,000 tests, and over 700 of them came out positive.

In his opinion, this shows the severity of the situation: "Britain is a country with 60 million people, and they found less infections, and did a lot more tests. The State of Israel is experiencing right now one of the most severe outbreaks in the Western world, of countries which reopened after lockdown."

Segal also noted that the lockdown was not utilized to prevent a second outbreak.

"We opened in a wild and uncontrolled fashion, as no other country opened - not their economy, not their events, and schools with no capsules and no restrictions," he explained, noting how other countries around the world did not reopen high schools or allow events.

Regarding the US and its expected elections in November, Segal said that even though US President Donald Trump is in a precarious position, he believes Trump will win and is interested in being seen as the "underdog."