Teen behind babysitting initiative: 'Everyone is making sacrifices, youth can help, too'

Ivri Hershkowitz decided to help parents make up lost time at work - and he's succeeding. 'We're watching kids so that parents can work.'

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Ivri Hershkowitz
Ivri Hershkowitz
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A group of 13-year-old boys is working to help ensure that parents can make up lost time at work.

Ivri Hershkowitz, who initiated the "Youth Get Under the Stretcher" project, told Arutz Sheva: "What we're basically doing is watching the children so that the parents can make up work that was missed during the economic crisis. We'll be with the kids, and the parents can work even more than usual."

The idea was born during the lockdown, Hershkowitz said. "I started this during the first wave, when all the kids were at home. My mother is a speech therapist and she needs to work. I told her, 'You go to work, and I'll watch my four younger siblings.' At any rate there's no social life during coronavirus, and this was something good that I could do."

"We put the idea on Twitter and people really liked it. It's our volunteer work. The doctors do what they can, the parents work, everyone is making sacrifices, and it's time that youth helped shoulder the burden."

Regarding how he had enlisted volunteers, Hershkowitz said, "At the beginning I called my friends and they told me they weren't doing anything important. I told them, 'In a situation where everyone is in hysterics, maybe you can contribute and help.' And they told me they wanted to contribute. It's not something that's self-understood, kids our age want to be with their friends. This difficult period has taught us that we also need to help and be a part of it."