Ami Maimon: 'I contracted coronavirus, I can't breathe'

Radio broadcaster describes coronavirus: 'I can't breathe, it's as if you took a rope and kept choking me nonstop.'

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Doctor holds hand of coronavirus patient
Doctor holds hand of coronavirus patient

Ami Maimon, a veteran radio broadcaster at Kol Barama Radio, told of his experience after contracting coronavirus.

Detailing his symptoms in a WhatsApp message to a group of musicians who made light of the virus, Maimon wrote: "I've been suffering the worst hell in the world for 11 days. I can't breathe. I'm coughing like a dog. High fever. Pain all over my body. It feels as if you took a rope and just kept choking me nonstop. Anyone spouting nonsense should go to sleep. And I'm still in bed. Stop making light of it."

"There's no day and no night. There's no [comfortable] position - standing, sitting, getting up, lying down - nothing. [To] all those brave people - little me just says, 'Watch what you say.'"

In a conversation with Kikar Hashabbat, Maimon said, "I haven't been broadcasting on the radio for a week already because of my health. I hope to return to broadcasting from home in the near future. People need to understand that this isn't a joke, there's corona! Stop calling it a 'lie,' take care of yourselves. I'm sick with coronavirus and I'm suffering and I know what I'm talking about."

"You need to be very careful and protect those around you. If they would tell you that you need to go harm your friend, would you do it? People think this is a joke.

"We don't know who infected me or even when I was infected. I was always careful to wear a mask, and even after they reopened synagogues I continued to pray in the building's courtyard, while maintaining a distance. Until now I was careful and I still became infected. It's not a joke."