'Donald Trump does not have the right to set the Israeli borders'

Nearly 1,000 people take part in rally of the Judea settlement group in cooperation with the Nachalah movement.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Judea settlement group rally in Maalot Halhoul
Judea settlement group rally in Maalot Halhoul

Nearly 1,000 people partook in a rally of the Judea settlement group on Tuesday evening, in cooperation with the Nachalah movement in Maalot Halhoul, on the outskirts of the Gush Etzion regional council, a strategic community at 1013 meters above sea level.

The participants demanded the establishment of a new community and the abortion of the Trump peace plan.

Nachala Movement Director Daniela Weiss said, "During these days, there is a growing confusion surrounding the deal of the century. Six months ago when Netanyahu was in Washington, the plan was revealed, so I cannot understand how public leaders and MKs dare to say that they do not know what the plan consists of. The plan and map speak unequivocally of establishing a Palestinian state in 70 percent of the territory, of Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel, and of 'Al Quds' as the capital of Palestine. And we ask how did they get confused? So I tell you now - this is an intentional confusion; they speak about sovereignty, but if we get that pinch of sovereignty, we will be immediately taken down a slaughterhouse track. Animals have a healthy sense and they can understand when they are being taken to be slaughtered. So do the Jewish people understand as well that the deal of the century will lead them to the establishment of a Palestinian state, God forbid."

Roniel Eldad, a member of the Judea settlement group, said at the rally: “We are a settlement group in Judea that has over 40 families who want to establish their homes on this land. Today we came to Ma'alot Halhoul with great intention and with lots of hope that we will build new settlements throughout the whole area! This is the only answer to the Trump plan, this is the only plan of the people of Israel - settling throughout our country."

Rabbi Uzziah Sharbaf, head of Nachala and the Jewish settlement in Hebron noted, "Our attachment to Israel and to our sacrifice is the atonement for the original sin of the 12 Biblical spies. This is a main sin we still have to fix. Settlement in the Land of Israel is the commandment that encompasses the entire Torah and no one has the right to bargain with it."

Eliyahu Liebman, head of Kiryat Arba Hebron regional council, commented, "I was asked by a councilor if I read the Trump plan, to which I replied I did not. I only read our holy Torah. Our connection to the land of Israel is our connection to god, and we don’t need the Trump administration to approve our right to the Land of Israel. God wants to see how dedicated we are to the land of Israel and has set for us a honey trap. We understand that this is a trap and will continue to fight for the land. "

Zvi Elimelech, a member of the Nachala movement's management, commented: "We have come here, hundreds of people who love Eretz Israel to say in a clear and determined voice – No to deal of the century. We say in a clear voice - Jenin is ours and so is Nablus. We came here, where Dror Weinberg planned to establish a settlement, here in the Kochba bloc. Unfortunately, after Dror was killed in the 'Gvura alley' in Hebron, the plan did not come to fruition, and now the Judea settlement group has been harnessed to continue the work and establish a settlement there."