432 new coronavirus cases reported

Health Ministry reports number of positive tests continues to rise and stands at 6,768.

Mordechai Sones ,

COVID-19 test
COVID-19 test
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The Health Ministry today said that since midnight, there have been 432 new cases of positive coronavirus tests in Israel, bringing the number to 6,768, 43 of whom are in serious condition and 24 are on ventilator.

Prime Minister and Likud Chairman Binyamin Netanyahu earlier opened the Likud faction meeting with reference to the Corona Cabinet decision to partially reinstate restrictions on gatherings.

"We are constantly in this tension between maintaining the economy and maintaining health and life," the Prime Minister noted.

He said, "In this context yesterday, the Finance Minister and I decided to extend the unemployment benefit eligibility period until mid-August."

"Today I come from the Corona Cabinet and we made a unanimous decision on certain restrictions on gatherings. We did this unanimously and did it as a cabinet that made a unified decision. We will compensate those hurt as a result of these decisions," the Prime Minister promised.

Netanyahu added, "From here, I'm going to a meeting with the Finance Minister and economic advisors. I intend to go into the economic issue with all my might. Also to ensure that the money promised will reach people and bring new and innovative programs to propel our economy."