Ayelet Shaked: Coronavirus treatment is careless, no guidance

Former Justice Minister attacks how pandemic is being run, 'Government has had 2 or 3 months to build epidemiological investigation.'

Hezki Baruch ,

Hezki Baruch

Former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked today attacked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's behavior over the issue of sovereignty and treatment of the pandemic.

"We've learned in recent days that Netanyahu gave up sovereignty in the Jordan Valley, succumbing to the pressure of the Arabs and Blue and White. At present, it's unclear what the plan is," Shaked noted.

She said, "Maps are needed to show the public; we expect and wait for sovereignty to be applied to 30 percent of the territory without recognition of a Palestinian state and without construction freezes. At present the situation looks worrying."

Shaked made clear that recognizing a Palestinian state is an issue that must not be compromised: "If the Israeli government recognizes a Palestinian state, it is a kind of snowball. We don't know who will be in the next U.S. administration. From what we know the Jordan Valley is no longer on the table."

Shaked called current treatment of the coronavirus crisis by the government "negligent", attacking the waste of time over the past two months.

"The Israeli government has had two or three months to build an epidemiological set of investigations. The hotels have been closed, patients are staying at home. The treatment is negligent, there isn't enough hasbara explanation," Shaked argued.