Bezalel Smotrich to Corona Cabinet: Stop picking on synagogues

'If event halls are open, there's no reason to close synagogues,' MK Smotrich says.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Bezalel Smotrich
Bezalel Smotrich
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MK Bezalel Smotrich, who heads the Knesset's National Union party, on Monday called on the Coronavirus Cabinet to focus on the sources of infection and not to close synagogues.

In a tweet, Smotrich wrote, "I call upon the members of the Coronavirus Cabinet - get off the synagogues and the religious public. Less than 4% of recent infections occurred in the synagogues. Their strict adherence to wearing masks is far greater than anywhere else."

"If event halls and restaurants are open, there is absolutely reason to close specifically synagogues. Prayer and study in synagogues are no less important than the economy."

Since the coronavirus outbreak began, Israel has diagnosed 23,989 cases of coronavirus. Of those, 319 have died, and 17,114 have recovered.

Another 6,556 patients still have active cases of coronavirus. Forty-six of them are in serious condition, and 24 are on ventilators.