Magen David Adom presents official updated Covid-19 stats

Magen David Adom has obtained approximately 438,000  corona test samples to date.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

MDA medics
MDA medics
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Magen David Adom announced on Sunday, June 28, that since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, MDA teams have obtained 438,936 test samples.

MDA staff have obtained samples in homes, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, educational institutions, and in Drive and Test complexes.

According to MDA data, 131,512 samples were obtained in peoples homes and in the schools and 172,932 samples were obtained from residents and staff members at long term care facilities and nursing homes.

A total of 134,492 samples were obtained at MDA's Drive and Test facilities. At the permanent facilities in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva 74,275 people were sampled. Of those sampled, 28,553 were in Tel Aviv, 27,295 in Jerusalem, 10,540 in Haifa and 7,887 in Beer Sheva. In addition as needed, Magen David Adom operates additional Drive and Test complexes throughout the country. Testing at the mentioned facilities requires a referral from the patient's primary care physician.

MDA is continuing to operate the Drive and Test facilities, while also carrying out testing in nursing homes and long term care facilities throughout the country. In addition, as needed, MDA teams will obtain samples from those who are home-bound and have obtained a referral for the test.

In addition, MDA Paramedics have obtained 1,746 serological tests.

Along with obtaining hundreds of thousands of samples for Corona, MDA blood services continue to collect plasma from Corona’s recoveries for the treatment of severely ill patients and the production of a passive vaccine. To date, approximately 1,000 of those recovered from coronavirus have donated plasma, allowing for their donations to prepare 3,000 doses to treat 123 of the most severe and moderate cases.