Yossi Dagan to Trump's envoy to the Middle East: 'Your historic calling is to help Israel'

Samaria Council Head Yossi Dagan invites Trump's emissary to visit in Samaria, 'Your historic calling is to help the People of Israel'.

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Yossi Dagan at entrance to White House
Yossi Dagan at entrance to White House
Knesset spokesman

Avi Berkowitz, President Trump's Special Envoy to the Middle East, is currently visiting Israel. Berkowitz is slated to meet Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defense Minister Gantz and Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi to advance President Trump's 'Deal of the Century'.

Yossi Dagan, Head of the Samaria Regional Council, invited Berkowitz on a tour of Jewish communities in the historic region that may find themselves isolated from larger areas under Israeli sovereignty after application of Trump's program.

"Before you meet with the Prime Minister and the Israeli negotiating team, visit Samaria and see it with your own eyes, meet the people who live there, and get a look at reality the way it truly is. Come to Elon Moreh and meet its residents, see Joseph's Tomb, Mount Grezim, the Mountain where the Jewish people received their blessing upon entering the Holy Land, Joshua's altar on Mount Ebal," offered Dagan to Trump's senior adviser.

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The head of the Samaria Council even suggested: "Go up to the Itamar hills and look out on Mount Hermon from the town of Yitzhar, meet the wonderful residents of Mevo Dotan residing atop the Biblical Dotan Valley."

"I would love to host you on a tour of Samaria and offer you an inside look of the area. It is important for me to emphasize that the final decision in determining the future of our country, and certainly with regards to sovereignty, is in the hands of the Israeli government. It is equally important for me to emphasize the amount of respect we have for President Donald Trump; the best American President the State of Israel has known since its inception." "You are also known to be a great friend of Israel's, but for the purpose of establishing a position, [but] a judge knows only what he can see," he quoted from the Talmud.

Dagan added in jest, that while the true "judge" in this case is the Israeli government, "as a friendly and sympathetic administration with close ties to us, it is important that you, too, act as a judge, and come see the place with your own eyes."

"You are a representative of a friendly government, about to determine its position on the matter...Here, the stories of the Bible, that President Trump alluded to in his speech as the basis of the Jewish people's connection to their homeland, took place. As an observant Jew, you probably know the verses that speak of God descending upon the Tower of Babel before making a judgment on the people of the generation." [When it comes to making a decision on the future borders of the State of Israel], we are far removed from the people who constructed the Tower," he quipped, "and as stated, our [destiny] is solely in the hands of the Israeli government in Jerusalem."

At the conclusion to his invitation, Dagan wrote to Trump's emissary, "Trump's friendly administration is important to us and we will be happy to host you and introduce you to the people and places discussed the world over."