Biracial woman burned in Wisconsin attack

18-year-old woman suffers 3rd-degree burns after 4 white men throw lighter fluid, lighter into her car.

Gary Willig ,

Police line crime scene
Police line crime scene

A biracial African-American woman who identifies as culturally Jewish was burned with lighter fluid in Madison, Wisconsin, according to a police report.

The victim was identified as Althea Bernstein, 18. Bernstein and her family identity as culturally Jewish and Unitarian, according to the Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle.

According to the police report, Bernstein was driving with her car window down when she was attacked by four white men. One of the attackers threw lighter fluid on her. A lighter was then thrown at her, igniting a fire.

Bernstein put out the fire and drove home, where her mother told her to go to the hospital. She received treatment for third-degree burns to her face and neck and will have to return to the hospital for follow-up treatments.

Bernstein told Good Morning America that the incident had traumatized her. I haven't really slept, and I don't really have an appetite. I don't want anyone to ever feel this way."

“I don’t have any room for hate or holding grudges,” she added. “So I hope these men see what happened to me and choose to make a change in their lives.”

Former Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, who is also biracial, reached out to Bernstein and spoke with her over the phone for 40 minutes after hearing about the attack. Prince Harry also participated in the call for 10 minutes

Police are analyzing security footage to determine the identity of the attackers and are asking anyone with information on this crime to contact Madison Area Crime Stoppers.