Choosing Family: Hanging 'pride' banner outside US Embassy 'not to the benefit of society'

Pro-family group pens letter to US Ambassador Friedman, requesting he support family values, remove LGBT banner.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Re-hanging the LGBT banner at the US Embassy
Re-hanging the LGBT banner at the US Embassy
The Choosing Family Group

The Choosing Family Group on Wednesday sent a letter to US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, protesting the hanging of an LGBT banner on the US Embassy in Jerusalem.

The banner was taken down by the Jerusalem municipality, due to bylaws forbidding its placement for technical reasons. However, the US Embassy promised to replace the banner, and did so on Wednesday.

In their letter, the Choosing Family group requested the banner be removed, noting that last year, the US banned the hanging of LGBT signs on its embassies' property.

"It has come to our attention that the American embassy satellite on Agron Street in Jerusalem is displaying a Gay Pride flag, in violation of both local regulations and the official American policy," they wrote to Friedman. "We understand that this is an extremely controversial issue that people feel strongly about, but that only heightens the importance of official government bodies 'playing by the rules' to set an example for others."

"Unfortunately in recent times we have witnessed many examples of unruly behavior by those with various agendas and passions, and ultimately it is not to the benefit of ordinary citizens or society as a whole.

"In light of this, we respectfully request that you instruct the embassy to remove the flag, and for individuals who may support political or social movements to do so in an appropriate, non-official capacity.

"Our organization, Choosing Family, is committed to strengthening traditional family values, which have been the bedrock of the Jewish people and the United States of America. We appreciate your support for Israel, and hope you will give this matter the attention it deserves."

The letter was signed "with blessings from Jerusalem" by the group's Rabbi Chananya Weissman.

In a statement, Choosing Family said: "The LGBT movement is continuing on its path to tear apart the family. In order to support its agenda, the movement is willing to brainwash young girls and boys who have not yet consolidated their identity, and to convince them that they are homosexual and to support transition therapy which essentially turns men into women and vice versa, by cutting off limbs and injecting hormones."

"It's time to say clearly: Yes to family, no to anarchy. Yes to responsibility, no to a free-for-all. Yes to loyalty, no to permissiveness."