Is it America’s turn to have a revolution?

If revolutions could happen in Russia, China, Germany and Italy, in the last century, they can happen in the USA. Opinion.

Ted Belman ,

Men in America
Men in America

Since Trump’s inauguration, I have assumed that a second term is assured. What with all the walk away movements taking their toll and with Candace Owens almost singlehandedly moving much of the black vote in favour of Trump (i.e., from 8% to 40%). With his great accomplishments, which include record low unemployment numbers for minorities, record highs in the stock market, his prison reform and funding of black universities, etc., etc., I became complacent. Why shouldn’t I have, considering his opponent was Sleepy Joe.

No longer. I seem to have been looking at his chances through rose-colored glasses and haven’t learned anything from what I have been seeing during the last three months.

The first troubling sign was the relatively poor attendance (6,500) at the Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma particularly after all the hype beforehand. Sure, many excuses were offered but they didn’t necessarily explain why the crowd was so small.

Recently the awful AOC won her primary in a landslide. Although centrists spent a lot of money to dethrone her, their money and message were not sufficient to thwart the juggernaut that propelled her to victory (she did have two opponents, splitting those against her).

As for Trump’s handling of the virus Covid-19, I supported him. I didn’t look for perfection. But the people do blame him. The Reuters/Ipsos survey, conducted between June 22 and 23, shows that 37% of those polled approve of Trump’s actions during the pandemic, while a slight majority of Americans — 58% — disapprove.

Trump can’t seem to catch a break. Whatever the crises and the decisions made to cope with it, the people will always blame the guy in charge. It’s a no-win situation.

The violence perpetrated by ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter and supported by the Democrat party and politicians rather than hurting the electoral chances of the Democrats, appear to be helping them.

Candace Owens, whose efforts to shift the black vote to support Trump seemed to be succeeding, was no match for the BLM juggernaut. The NYT reports that Biden is winning over the Black vote. (See: Biden leads Trump by 14 points in New York Times poll) Of course, it is the Trump-hating NYT saying this.

To make matters worse, Sleepy Joe seems to be a Teflon man. His dementia, his sexual misconduct, his “crimes” in China and the Ukraine, his racist record, his lack of legislative accomplishments, his sequestration in a bunker, his very poor audience numbers when he ventures out etc., etc., make no difference as he continues to outpace Trump in the polls.

Obviously, we live in a world where facts don’t matter.

In this video, Caroline Glick brilliantly tears into the New York Times and accuses it of planting the seeds of a cultural revolution. She argues convincingly that the left in America, led by the NYT, is following the practices of Mao Tse Tung to enable cultural change. She doesn’t mention it, but she may just as well have quoted Lenin, Hitler or Mussolini. They all followed the same procedures. Plus, they all used storm troopers to cow the masses. Giulio Meotti said it clearly on Arutz Sheva.

If revolutions could happen in Russia, China, Germany and Italy, in the last century, they can happen in the USA.

Nor did Glick mention Saul Alinskiy's Rules for Radicals which our community organizer, Barack Obama, embraced both before and after his term in office. Hillary Clinton also makes use of them. This is what democracy loving Americans are up against.

So what should Trump do about it? Should he continue to play by the old rules and have faith in the masses will see the light or must he follow these rules himself.

And as far as Israel is concerned, the Jewish State must apply sovereignty to the 30% immediately and prepare to do the same to the rest of Judea and Samaira. It must also destroy the Iranian nuclear facilities, with Trump's backing, by the US elections.