Jerusalem Municipality demolishes Gan Hamelech illegal building

First demolition of illegal building in area after more than decade when dozens of illegal buildings in Gan Hamelech left standing.

Yoni Kempinski ,

Illegal building demolition, Gan Hamelech
Illegal building demolition, Gan Hamelech
Deputy Mayor Aryeh King

The Jerusalem Municipality yesterday demolished an illegal building in the area known as Gan Hamelech in eastern Jerusalem, Deputy Mayor Aryeh King reports.

He said it was the first demolition of an illegal building in this area after more than a decade, during which not one of the dozens of illegal buildings was demolished in Gan Hamelech on the slopes of the City of David.

It is a relatively large building, about 130 square meters in size, and was built illegally in an area where there is much illegal construction.

"This is another sign of the difference in municipal policy between Barkat's term in the mayor's office, a term that excelled in Right-like statements only, and the current term that stands for Rightist action," King noted.