Bolton: Trump ignored early warning signs of the coronavirus

Former White House National Security Adviser continues to attack President Donald Trump.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

John Bolton and Donald Trump
John Bolton and Donald Trump

Former White House National Security Adviser John Bolton is continuing to attack US President Donald Trump, and on Wednesday accused him of ignoring early warning signs of the coronavirus pandemic due to a potential impact it could have had on a trade deal with China.

"I think there is an empty chair in the Oval Office, because the president did not want to hear bad news about Xi Jinping, his friend,” Bolton told said in an interview on CNN, referring to the Chinese president.

“He did not want to hear bad news about the cover-up of the virus in China, or its potential effect on the China trade deal that he wants so much. And he didn't want to hear about the potential impact of a pandemic on the American economy and its effect on his reelection,” Bolton charged.

“Turning a blind eye to all these early signs I think hampered the country's ability to deal with this, and continues to do so,” he continued.

The interview follows the release of Bolton’s 592-page book in which he takes frequent shots at Trump, describing him as “erratic” and “foolish” and claiming he behaved “irrationally” and “bizarrely”.

The Justice Department sued to bar the book’s publication, claiming it contains classified information and that Bolton violated a non-disclosure agreement by writing the book. However, a federal US judge ruled last weekend that Bolton can move forward in publishing the book.

Bolton served for 17 months as Trump’s National Security Advisor before he was fired last September.

In one excerpt of the book released before its publication, Bolton claims that Trump “pleaded” with Xi during a 2019 summit to help his reelection prospects.

In other sections of the book, Bolton further claimed that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu felt serious concerns regarding Trump’s selection of his son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner to head up a team charged with drafting the administration’s Middle East peace plan. The claims were rejected by Netanyahu.