Watch: The Chill Niggun - Sometimes you just need to Chill

Amid the second wave of coronavirus, musician and singer Moshe Kesselman releases new relaxing song.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Musician and singer Moshe Kesselman, a resident of Efrat, has released his new song, “The Chill Niggun”.

“With all of the stress going on around the world and this second wave of the coronavirus which is on everyone’s mind, I felt that a niggun that is relaxing and ‘chilled’ is what is needed,” Kesselman told Arutz Sheva.

“Everyone knows that music has the power to sooth and heal, my blessing is that through the beauty of music, we find that place in our heart that connects each and every one of us together. I’m proud to present to you ‘The Chill Niggun’.”

The song was composed by Kesselman and features him and Yaakov Felder. The song was produced by Mendy Portnoy. All three are from Efrat.