'Tell him I won’t make it'

The doctor looked at the test results, at Reb Nachum, and back at the results.

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The doctor looked at the test results, at 'Reb' Nachum, and back at the results. 'Reb' Nachum felt his heart plummeting. "Not yet," finally uttered the doctor. Even without the interpreter, 'Reb' Nachum understood the answer.

"Tell him I won't make it," he said, almost pleading, to the interpreter at his side. "Tell him I have a son who is engaged and I want to be at the wedding. Just that. I want to live a little bit longer, until my son's wedding." Tears blinded his eyes.

Nearly a month later, 'Reb' Nachum returned his soul to its Creator. Alone in a foreign country, far from his loving, concerned family, far from the groom eagerly awaiting his return.

A month has gone by and the wedding date is fast approaching.

There is nothing, simply nothing, save for a mountain of debt Reb Nachum left behind. He'd been working hard to repay these when the disease struck and he was sent abroad for urgent treatment. No one thought the end would be so sudden. Everything had been left up in the air, waiting for 'Reb' Nachum to come back and tie up the loose ends. Tragically, that day never arrived.

How can this wedding be turned into one of happiness and joy?

These are the type of stories Kupat Ha’Ir receives on a daily basis. They are painful; the suffering mind-boggling.

It is easy, when faced with so much tragedy, to become desensitized. One individual who has, against all odds, continued to keep his heart open to the stories is beloved Rabbi, Rav Shimon Galai shlit”a.

This is why Rabbi Galai has chosen to continue providing public support to Kupat Ha’Ir’s orphan wedding funds. This month, 36 orphans are getting married. Rabbi Galai gives his blessings to all who donate to Kupat Ha’Ir’s Tammuz orphan wedding fund that they should, measure for measure, merit to have dance at the weddings of their own children.

In today’s world, this is a tremendously important blessing. And, as far as the Rabbi is concerned, it is fitting for this tremendously important cause.

You can help preserve the legacy of 'Reb' Nachum and other parents who have passed away, by enabling their children to partake in their own wedding ceremonies. This is a priceless gift, both for the giver and receiver. The days are dwindling until the orphans’ wedding day. Pease donate now to allow orphans the wedding ceremony they will otherwise never get.