Watch live: Online women's event to honor Lubavitcher Rebbe

The Jerusalem Chabad House of Talbiya - Mamilla holds event honoring late Lubavitcher Rebbe and his championship of women's Torah learning.

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Chabad-Lubavitch's main headquarters
Chabad-Lubavitch's main headquarters
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Chabad communities around the world prepare to mark the 26th Yahrzeit (anniversary of the passing) of the Lubavicher Rebbe Ztz”l on the Thursday, the Third day of the Hebrew month of Tammuz

Chabad hasidim have been holding "farbrengens" gatherings, and learning sessions. Hundreds of thousands are redoubling their efforts at personal prayer, study and acts of living kindness in preparation for this special date, aswell as increasing their personal and communal efforts to encourage others to do the same

On Thursday, there will be an international event streamed live from the Ohel - the Rebbe's resting place in Queens, New York - to Chabad congregations around the globe.

"There has never been a greater champion of the Jewish woman than the Lubavitcher Rebbe", the organizers of the event explain, "The Rebbe encouraged every Jewish woman to recognize, unleash, appreciate, and share her innately unique, G-d-given virtues and talents, to become an ever-rising flame in her own right. In the last 26 years, the level of women's study has skyrocketed".

"A woman achieves her aims via internal influence", the Rebbe wrote in Sefer HaSichos 5751:1, "with a respectful, polite, and pleasant approach... Thus, her input is actively welcomed by those she attempts to influence..."

2 Keynotes - 2 Continents

The Chabad Women's Circle of Talbiya-Mamilla in Jerusalem will hold an uplifting farbrengen (Chasidic celebration), joining women across continents in paying tribute to the Rebbe.

Two dynamic and inspirational speakers will take part in the online farbrengen:

The Rhor Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) Women's Torah Study and Rosh Chodesh Society Director Shaindy Jacobson;

and Sivan Rahav Meir, who was named by Globes as the "Most popular female media personality in Israel."

Both women epitomize the search and thirst for learning for women - by women.

The women's event will take place tonight (Wed.), at 8:30 pm Israel time/ 1:30 pm NY time and broadcast here on Arutz Sheva.

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