US embassy says 'Pride' banner will go back up

Banner celebrating Pride Month removed because embassy did not receive permission from municipality to hang it. Authorization now underway.

Gary Willig ,

the pride sign hung without permission
the pride sign hung without permission
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The US Embassy in Jerusalem said it would rehang a Pride Flag banner which was taken down by the Jerusalem municipality Tuesday because the embassy had not received permission to hang it.

"The United States is committed to protecting LGBTI and other marginalized communities around the world. All human beings deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and are endowed with the same unalienable rights," the embassy said in a statement Tuesday night.

"This month we celebrate the LGBTI community and affirm that all human beings deserve to be treated with dignity. The PRIDE sign at the US Embassy Jerusalem was temporarily taken down today [Tuesday, June 23, 2020] pending a discussion with the City of Jerusalem municipal government. The PRIDE sign will be rehung as soon as possible on the Embassy property," the statement concluded.

Municipal inspectors arrived at the embassy Tuesday morning to remove the banner. After the banner was removed, the municipality stated that it would begin the process of granting the embassy authorization to rehang it.