Agreement signed to build elevator from Jewish Quarter to Western Wall

Elevator to be built at cost of NIS 55 million will bring worshipers from Jewish Quarter to Western Wall plaza and provide disabled access.

Mordechai Sones ,

Signing the agreement
Signing the agreement

The agreement to establish a special elevator to connect Jerusalem's Jewish Quarter with the Western Wall was signed today between the Jewish Quarter Development Company and the Jerusalem Municipality.

The elevator, which will cost NIS 55 million, will transport worshipers from the Jewish Quarter to the Western Wall plaza and is expected to serve tens of thousands of people who have difficulty reaching the Western Wall plaza due to accessibility difficulties. Construction of the project is expected to be completed within three years.

The signing ceremony was attended by Mayor Moshe Leon, City Manager Itzik Larry, who spearheaded the project's advancement, Legal Advisor Eli Malka, and Rita Lydzansky, Property Department Manager, who was in charge of conducting negotiations with the development company.

At the signing ceremony, Mayor Leon said: "Today we're signing an historic agreement for which hundreds of thousands of people have been waiting for decades. This is a day for Jerusalem, the State of Israel, and the entire Jewish People."

City Manager Itzik Larry said, "Under the Mayor's guidance we worked hard to remove all obstacles that stood in the way. This is one of the most complex projects undertaken in Jerusalem; there were moments when it seemed like a hopeless project, but faith in the path brought the desired result."

Jewish Quarter Development Company Director Herzl Ben Ari who also signed the agreement said: "This day is a day for tens of thousands of families: Mothers with children, disabled, and elderly who wanted to go to the Western Wall, but had no way. Today, with the signing of the agreement, we can look them in the eyes with great pride and satisfaction and say to them: We have removed the obstacles, the Wall is in your hands!"