Watch: Worshippers jeer Women of the Wall at Western Wall

Local authorities bar controversial Women of the Wall group from bringing Torah scrolls to public prayer service.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Women of the Wall
Women of the Wall

Some thirty members of the controversial Women of the Wall organization gathered at the Western Wall Plaza Tuesday morning for the group’s monthly egalitarian prayer service.

The group was barred from bringing in a Torah scroll into the plaza, in keeping with the Western Wall Heritage Foundation’s policy of prohibiting the use of Torah scrolls in the plaza area by non-traditional prayer groups.

The Heritage Foundation also barred the Women of the Wall from holding their prayer service in the Women’s Section (Ezrat HaNashim) of the plaza. The prayer service was instead held in the upper section of the plaza.

Activists from the Women of the Wall claim the group was verbally harassed by worshippers. In footage from this morning’s prayer service, worshippers can be seen jeering the group.

“Despite our repeated requests, we were not permitted entry into the Women’s Section, and we were left open to attacks in the upper part of the plaza,” said Yochi Rappaport, director of the Women of the Wall.

“We can’t help but suspect that maybe someone had an interest in inflaming the situation, which could have become violent.”