Why do Jewish members of Congress backstab Israel? Opinion

Jewish members of Congress joined in signing a letter against sovereignty to Netanyahu and Gantz.In this, they also joined Omar and Tlaib.

Alan Bergstein ,

The US Capitol building
The US Capitol building

What is it with our Democrat, Jewish, elected politicians that, when the chips are down, they side with the enemies of Israel? A recent letter to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and his political rival, Defense Minister, Benny Gantz was signed by 115 Democrats, warning these two leaders, even reprimanding them for their rare and short-lived moment of solidarity in moving to apply sovereignty to the areas of Judea and Samaria, which the note unfortunately terms, “The West Bank.”

Sadly, this missive of censure for this move had the likes of Jewish Congresspeople Ted Deutch (D-FL), Nita Lowey (D-NY), Brad Schneider (D-ILL), and Jan Schakowsky (D-ILL) putting their John Hancocks to the document.

They joined hands with Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, both firmly anti-Israel and Jew haters of the first accord. This attempt to weaken Israel is also supported and financed by the likes of J Street, CAIR and the Israel Policy Forum. That tells the tale of the goals of this move.

These Jewish, Democrat, elected House members, along with the likes of Senators Schumer and Feinstein (not halakhically Jewish) who also threw their support against Israel’s application of sovereignty, shamelessly garner Jewish votes back home by kvelling (boasting) about their outright, support, backing and championing of Israel.

They lie. But they get re-elected. Go figure.

The letter from these House members warns Israel that “Unilateral annexation would likely jeopardize Israel’s significant progress on normalization with Arab states.” Evidently, Jordan’s King Abdullah, fears his nation’s resident Palestinians would rise up to create their own state within his borders. That’s his problem, one he and his Dad have mishandled since Jordan attempted to destroy the fledgling Israel way back in 1948.

And by the way, Israel has been protecting Jordan from its external Arab enemies for many years. At this moment there are 3,000 American troops in Jordan training that nation’s army. It’s time for that nation to stand on its own two feet and not depend on Israel and the U.S. for its survival.

Israel, having waited patiently - and meanwhile, absorbing thousands of deaths and casualties at the hands of the Palestinian Arabs - for them to come to the bargaining table to earnestly and honestly make a deal for peace, has had enough. I hope.

Since September 13, 1993, when then President Clinton brokered the disastrous Oslo Accord, a supposed peace deal, the Palestinian Arabs have done nothing but attack Israel, kill its civilians, suck in billions of $$$ from a charitable world - with which their corrupt leaders did not even find it worthwhile to build a decent hospital, so they all flock to Israel for top medical care - and avoid a permanent peace. Israel has, hopefully, finally said, “enough.”

The Jewish State, with all of its Jewish-led parties in agreement, has set July 1, as the date to move forward with absorbing into its borders, Judea and Samaria. I agree….vehemently! Will it happen? I hope so.

As a Jew, I’m embarrassed and call for us all to admonish and throw out our Jewish elected Democrat representatives in both the House and Senate who bow down to the overt, vocal, dangerous enemies of Israel. They support these thugs who call for Israel to continue exercising its suicidal patience for the Palestinian Arabs to end their murderous efforts to eradicate it, and finally sit down to make peace.

The jig is up.

Alan Bergstein, lecturer and columnist, is an editorial writer for The NY Jewish Voice and a retired NYC school principal A father of four, he is a Korean War veteran and Jewish activist who is President of the Judeo/Christian Republican Club of Palm Beach County, Florida.