Will the 'triple vaccine' solve coronavirus crisis?

A team of US researchers has suggested that the triple vaccine given to children for measles, rubella and mumps may offer a cure for CV-19.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Can a vaccine given to children provide the long-sought cure for the coronavirus? A team of medical experts have suggested that the "triple vaccine" given to children at a very young age against mumps, measles and rubella may offer the solution or at least reduce the severe symptoms of the disease.

According to the study by researchers from Tulane U. and Louisiana State, the triple vaccine is effective not only as a vaccine against the three diseases it's intended to treat, but also strengthens the immune system, shielding children from a long list of additional diseases, including a number of viruses.

The triple vaccine uses a weakened version of measles, mumps, and rubella viruses, boosting the body's ability to produce a natural vaccine against these viruses. The researcher team has stipulated that it also allows the body to develop a more extensive immune response that offers protection from additional viruses.

TradingU reported that, "According to the review, printed in the journal mBio, vaccination with MMR in immunocompetent [patients] has no contraindications and could be…productive for [treating healthcare] workers for cases of COVID-19."

The report continues: "…the vaccines induce nonspecific consequences symbolizing 'experienced innate immunity' by coaching leukocyte (immune method cells) precursors in the bone marrow to functionality more effectively against broader infection[ns]."

The team said that, "Mounting evidence demonstrates that dwell attenuated vaccines provide nonspecific protection towards lethal bacterial infections unrelated to the focus on pathogen of the vaccine...," adding "There's no risk in vaccinating a majority of people, and the approach may be particularly effective in protecting health care workers. Even if we are mistaken, at least people will have new antibodies to measles, mumps and rubella. It can't hurt."