Druze town gets its first playground thanks to JNF-UK donation

JNF-UK donates 585,000 shekels to Druze town of Beit Jann in northern Israel for new playground.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Site of new playground in Beit Jann
Site of new playground in Beit Jann

A Druze town in northern Israel is getting its first-ever playground, thanks to support from the JNF UK.

Druze local towns in northern Israel, which have faced long-running deficits that have only worsened during the coronavirus pandemic, have been largely unable to set aside funds for youth recreational activities.

In order to help those communities in need, the philanthropic organization, JNF UK, has decided to build the first playground in Beit Jann.

The new playground will cost 585,000 NIS and will include an amphitheater, a climbing wall and other activities.

The playground is expected to open in the coming months and will be used by thousands of children from Beit Jann and the surrounding villages.

JNF UK has also distributed around 1,500 food baskets and hygiene products among the elderly in Druze sector, as part of a joint emergency operation with the “Latet” organization and other charities.

Radi Najam, the head of the Beit Jann municipal council said: "We are struggling, but are determined to succeed. As an urban planner, I tell you, that it doesn’t make sense that Beit Jann is lagging 35 years behind. It can’t be that we don’t have any buildings that are for the benefit of the public, like a community center.”

“The playground that was set up by JNF UK will benefit thousands of children in the area. Alongside the playroom that recently opened in Beit Jann, the children of our town and the surrounding villages will finally be able to have a good time. I see it as a great blessing that the Diaspora Jews have decided to contribute to the Druze population. This is an eternal proof that the blood covenant still exists."

Yonatan Galon, CEO of JNF UK added: "As a veteran philanthropic organization, we are proud to support the Druze sector during routine and in times of emergency and assist all ages. Recently, we were involved in the distribution of thousands of products for Bedouin retirees, alongside the first public park in Beit Jann. The Support in Israel by British Jews does not distinguish between sectors or religions."