My feet bring me to the place I love

Two Torah ideas for two parasha readings: Shlach (Diaspora) and Korach (Israel)

Rabbi Hagai Lundin ,

הרב חגי לונדין
הרב חגי לונדין
צילום: דוברות קהלים

My Feet Bring me to the Place I Love - Shlach

The Torah portion of Shlach-Lecha deals with the spies who go to scout out the Land of Israel. The verse describes: "send out men for yourself "latur", to explore, the land of Canaan". The word "latur", to explore, does not only mean superficially looking, but rather a search for an inner attraction. We also see this at the end of the Torah reading in the negative context, "you will then "lo taturu", not stray, after your heart and eyes which have led you to immorality." In other words, there is a fear that a person will follow his heart for materialistic desires, and therefore the commandment of tzitzit, ritual fringes, was made.

Moses our Teacher commanded the spies to explore the land of Canaan, meaning to search for what attracts them to the Land of Israel? What attracts man in his life? Ten spies sought comfort and materialistic conveniences - and so when they encountered 'fortified cities' and 'Nephilim sons of giants' - they despaired. When settling the Land of Israel encounters security difficulties and international
Like the spies, when settling the Land of Israel encounters security difficulties and international pressures, they give up.
pressures, they give up.

Yehoshua ben Nun and Caleb ben Yefuneh, on the other hand, were looking for a connection to the "land at which the eyes of God your Lord are on at all times, from the beginning of the year until the end of the year." And obviously, they find this. The connection to the land of Israel begins from the connection to its holiness, as stated in the Talmud, Tractate Sukkah: "my feet bring me to the place I love," and then, naturally, we also come to the conclusion that "we can succeed".

One who finds an inner connection to life, who finds God in his life, can also succeed! Despite the hardships, despite the Nephilim, despite the Corona, despite the sons of giants.

The Ratings Lie - Korach

Today we can all explain Korach's mistake, but we must remember that at the time he was the hero of the hour; public opinion, ratings and the spirit at the time were on his side. Chazal called him "Korach and his congregation"—Korach had a following surrounding him; he had millions of followers in Instagram and he received a warm embrace from the media as a "brave" and "sensitive" man who fought against tradition on behalf of widows and orphans.

We learn from here an important rule-the lie catches on for a time but not for longer than that! It happens on occasion that we stand in shock watching how evil, vulgarity, fears and hypocrisy capture public opinion. Sometimes we also are full of despair: how can one drop of truth fight against the sea of lies?

The future truth of "I will Be Who I will Be" made an end, after all, to the sea of lies and split it.
The Midrash tells us that the words "I will Be Who I will Be" were inscribed on Moses’ staff. Moses our Teacher used this staff to split the Sea of Reeds. The future truth of "I will Be Who I will Be" made an end, after all, to the sea of lies and split it.

Similarly, Korach and his congregation were swallowed up by the earth; the ground moved from under the feet of falsehood; so too the twelve staffs of the princes of the tribes who complained about Moses and Aaron--even though they argued and made a lot of noise, nothing came out of them; On the other hand, Aaron’s staff – who loved peace and pursued peace-grew flowers that remains forever in the Tabernacle.

There is nothing to fear from the ratings of lies. All elderly people can tell us how security, medical, economic, and cultural lies-that excited the world in its time - evaporated with a small still voice. Sometimes it took years, sometimes generations, in our time-it can also take just a few days. In the perspective of eternity, the good always wins.


The bad will pass.

The good will prevail.

With the help of God

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Rabbi Hagai Lundin