Water bottle - or provocation on the Temple Mount?

Wakf officials on the Temple Mount force Jewish woman to surrender her bottle of water.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Wakf official asks the woman to hand over the bottle
Wakf official asks the woman to hand over the bottle
Michael Miller

A water bottle was confiscated from a Jewish woman visiting the Temple Mount on Thursday.

The bottle was confiscated by an official from the Jordanian Wakf, the Islamic trust which manages the holy site.

The water bottle was taken under the pretext that it contained alcohol when the liquid inside was, in fact, water.

Journalist Arnon Segal, a member of the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation, expressed outrage over the incident, claiming that new, baseless restrictions were being imposed to harass Jewish visitors to the Mount.

"This is scandalous and delinquent conduct on the part of the Israeli police, which is the body that is supposed to uphold the law here. Instead of enforcing the laws on the Temple Mount, the laws are not enforced, and all kinds of unwritten laws are enforced.

"Once it is breastfeeding and once it is drinking from water fountains, once it is an individual separating from a group. You have to guess what the police set of rules is. It would be worthwhile for the State of Israel to enforce the law on the Temple Mount and not violate its own laws," Segal added.