Unbelievable Premier League facts you probably didn’t know

Here are several unbelievable premier league facts that you probably didn’t know.

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Probably Didn’t Know

Right now, with English football, and many other live sporting events for that matter, on hold for the foreseeable future, it’s nice to take a walk down memory lane and remind ourselves about what we have to look forward to when the football season resumes.

The English Premier League is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting football leagues in the history of the game, but just how much about the premiership do you really understand?

The fun facts we’re about to share with you will probably not prove very useful in terms of technical knowledge, but if nothing else, they’ll help you to impress your mates down at the local pub (when it is eventually allowed to re-open).

Here are several unbelievable premier league facts that you probably didn’t know.

Ryan Giggs was subbed a lot

Ryan Giggs is, without a doubt, a legend of the EPL.

The talented Welshman spent the duration of his club at Manchester United, and played well into his late thirties.

Despite being so incredibly talented, he remains the most substituted player in EPL history, having been subbed 134 times.

This has nothing to do with his ability, but rather, the fact that his career lasted so long.

Only three players have scored, assisted, and scored an own goal in a single game

As things stand, Wayne Rooney, Gareth Bale, and Kevin Davies are the only players to have scored a goal, assisted a goal, and scored an own goal in a single EPL game of football.

Shearer holds two penalty records

Alan Shearer, who many consider the greatest striker of all-time in the EPL has, as of this writing, missed more penalties than any other player, having missed 11.

Now, before you slate him too much, he has also scored more penalties than any other player in the league, having scored an impressive 56 penalties.

Shearer is the top scorer

Right now, Wayne Rooney is the second highest goal scorer in the league, having scored 208 goals in the Premiership.

So, who is in first place?

Well, that would be Alan Shearer. Shearer is the leading goal-scorer in the league, with an astonishing 260 goals.

He really could do it all and many expect his record to remain in tact for a long time yet.

Leicester stay afloat

Back in the 2014/2015 season, Leicester City remained longer at the bottom of the EPL table without being relegated than any other team in history.

They stayed in the bottom 3 for 140 days, and yet amazingly, they managed to stay up and were crowned champions the very next season.

Seriously, you couldn’t write it!

So, that brings today’s article to a close.

Hopefully you’ve found the facts listed above fun, insightful, and entertaining? If so, be sure to tell your friends and share your newfound knowledge of the sport.