Cultural institutions to reopen next week

Coronavirus Cabinet expected to allow cultural and artistic institutions to reopen next week with up to 250 visitors.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

PM meets with heads of cultural industry
PM meets with heads of cultural industry
Chaim Tzach/GPO

The ministers in the Coronavirus Cabinet are expected to decide to reopen Israel's cultural institutions during their meeting tonight. If the decision is passed, the institutions will reopen next week.

The proposal is to reopen all cultural and artistic institutions, with a limit of 250 visitors at any one time time and while ensuring that social distancing guidelines are followed.

Prior to the convening of the Coronavirus Cabinet, Prime Minister Netanyahu met with leading representatives of the cultural and events industry.

"I really want to hear from you and I really want to help you. I know there is distress, we want to deal with the distress, and so I also asked the finance minister to join us. We will hear things from you, and we will help as best we can," Netanyahu told them.

On Monday, thousands of workers from the cultural and events industry demonstrated in front of the Finance Ministry in Jerusalem, calling for the immediate opening of the institutions to allow them to make a living.