IDF & Shabak foil attempt to smuggle arms into Gaza via sea

2 terror operatives and weapons cache apprehended following sea chase.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Foiled attempt to smuggle arms via sea
Foiled attempt to smuggle arms via sea
IDF Spokesman

This Wednesday, details of a joint IDF-Shabak intelligence operation were released for publication by the IDF. The operation took place several weeks ago and resulted in the foiling of an attempt to smuggle weapons and ammunition into the Gaza Strip via the sea from northern Sinai.

Participating in the operation were IDF Marine forces, Army Intelligence, and the Shabak (ISA). After the ISA uncovered a plan to smuggle weapons into Gaza via sea, IDF Naval forces managed to identify the specific naval craft being used for the smuggling attempt. A chase ensued and the boat was captured together with two terror operatives on board, as well as a weapons cache. The two operatives were taken for questioning by the ISA.

From the interrogation, it emerged that the weapons were intended for the Hamas terror organization in the Gaza Strip. In addition, many details regarding Hamas’ military operations and their ongoing attempts to smuggle in weapons and ammunition via the sea emerged.

One of the two terror operatives who was apprehended is Mahmoud Bachar, an experienced smuggler who works with several of the terror organizations active in Gaza. As such, his arrest is a significant achievement and strikes a blow against the military capabilities of Hamas and other organizations. On June 4, 2020, Bachar was indicted in Beer Sheva District Court.

This foiled smuggling attempt joins a string of other successful operations that have severely damaged Hamas’ operative strength in Gaza and impeded its ability to attack Israeli citizens. The IDF and ISA will continue their efforts to foil terror attacks and smuggling attempts, in order to protect the citizens of the State of Israel.