Lapid: Netanyahu is not a legitimate Prime Minister

Opposition leader accuses PM of incitement against Supreme Court Justices, attorney general, and others. 'Netanyahu is the danger to Israel'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

צילום: אלעד גוטמן

Opposition leader and Yesh Atid chairman MK Yair Lapid blamed Prime Minister Netanyahu for the threatening letter which was sent to Supreme Court Justice Anat Baron and accused him of incitement against the Supreme Court.

"Yesterday, the life of a Supreme Court Justice was threatened. Netanyahu, as is his way, issued a half-hearted condemnation and immediately added that he had filed a complaint with the police after receiving a threat to his own life. He made the equation between himself and her. She was threatened, and he was threatened," Lapid said at the start of the weekly Yesh Atid faction meeting Monday,

"Let's examine the matter. Netanyahu is one of the most secure people in the world. It has to be that way," Lapid added. "The Shin bet deals with every threat against him. He doesn't have to complain about it to the police. It is done automatically. Netanyahu submits all these complaints because that's how he operates: threaten, incite, which leads to violence, and then argue that he is the victim. The whole time whining and complaining about what a victim he is."

"Ask yourself: whose life is in greater danger? Who is in greater danger of facing violence and murder? Is it Justice Esther Hayut, or Netanyahu? Is it Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, or Netanyahu? Liat Ben-Ari, or Netanyahu? Raviv Drucker or Netanyahu? Amnon Abramovitz or Netanyahu? Guy Peleg or Netanyahu?

"The answer is obvious. So ask yourself, why are all these people's lives in danger? Why are they walking around with tight security? Who is behind the incitement against them and what is the reason for this incitement?" he asked.

"This is what happens when the head of state is accused of serious criminal offenses. This is what happens when there is a prime minister who has lost the brakes. This is what happens when his associates become rubber-stampers. He is hung near the walls of the office. Netanyahu is an illegitimate prime minister. He is an inciter of violence. He weakens the country instead of strengthening it. He's not in danger. He is the danger," Lapid declared.

"This week we will submit the bill saying that a person under indictment cannot serve as prime minister. I'm signing this bill, but I didn't write it alone. I wrote it together with Benny Gantz and Gabi Ashkenazi. They told me they believed in it with all their hearts. They told their voters that these were their values and they would never give them up. They have a chance now to return something of what is left of their dignity, to be men with a spine. I call on the Blue and White faction to support its own bill," Lapid concluded.