Likud officials: Netanyahu trying to find the timing to go to elections

Senior officials in Likud claim the unity government will not last for much longer. Likud in response: An ugly lie.

Ben Ariel ,

Netanyahu and Likud members
Netanyahu and Likud members
Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90

Senior officials in the Likud party claimed on Sunday that the unity government would not last for much longer and will dissolve even before Benny Gantz officially takes office as Prime Minister.

"This marriage between us and Blue and White will end much quicker than everyone thinks," the officials told Channel 12 News. "Netanyahu is trying to find the right timing to go to elections. The upcoming budget may give him the opportunity."

The senior officials claimed that Prime Minister Netanyahu's wife Sara and son Yair are pressuring the Prime Minister not to continue with this government and dismantle the partnership with Blue and White, partly due to the concern that the Supreme Court will rule against the existence of the role of Alternate Prime Minister just as Netanyahu passes the helm to Gantz.

The Likud responded to the report by saying, “An ugly lie. The media found a new and original way to make false statements about Sara and Yair Netanyahu. It is enough to say the magic word 'Balfour' to render kosher any information, as farfetched as it may be, without having to back it up with facts.”

Meanwhile, Channel 12 News reporter Dafna Liel reported on Sunday that Netanyahu is asking Gantz for an "insurance certificate" against an intervention in the coalition agreement by the Supreme Court. The Prime Minister wants to change the law so that any intervention by the Supreme Court in the agreement will lead to elections and Netanyahu will remain the Prime Minister.

Netanyahu also wants to change the law so that the government will serve for a period of four years instead of three. Netanyahu reportedly believes that such a decision will reduce the chance that the Supreme Court will intervene in the coalition agreement.