One man's 60-year streak of blood donations

Dr. David Cohen has donated over 150 units of blood over 55 years, and at age 88, he has no intention of stopping.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Dr. David Cohen
Dr. David Cohen
MDA spokesperson

When Dr. David Cohen served as an on-call physician in the Kaplan Hospital emergency room over 60 years ago, his life changed because of one child, who was injured and was rushed to the hospital and was in urgent need of blood donation - an operation that was not customary at the time. When the child's family refused to donate and there were no units in stock, Dr. Cohen did not think twice, ran to the blood bank and donated blood.

Thanks to the same blood donation - the child was saved. From that time, David decided to devote his life to raising awareness of the issue and since then, despite celebrating his 88th birthday, he has donated over 150 units of blood to MDA's Blood Services.

Dr. Cohen of Haifa, now a specialist in internal medicine and geriatrics, decided from that day to change the stigma and set an example for his friends and patients, by regularly donating blood. Dr. Cohen has been donating blood for 55 years at Magen David Adom, and despite his advanced age and the Corona crisis - he does not intend to stop.

"60 years ago, even the child's family who needed a donation refused to donate. It was not customary, and they said that donating would make a person weak. I have been donating for 55 years and I have never felt weak, on the contrary. I will continue to donate as long as my medical condition allows me. "

Even today, as he approaches the age of 90, he appears three times a year at Magen David Adom's Blood Bank to donate blood. And its not only the blood donations - thanks to his regular involvement in the area - Dr. Cohen's family donated a blood mobile that is used by the MDA blood bank team in Haifa to carry out blood donations. This blood mobile brings thousands of blood units each year.

On the importance of blood donation, Dr. Cohen added: "I will continue to donate as long as I am healthy and able to. I am happy to raise awareness for blood donations, should encourage more people to donate at any age, because there is a demand in hospitals. I have donated my entire adult life, even when I was on a sabbatical or a long vacation abroad, and so I will continue. "

Prof. Eilat Shinar, MDA Deputy Director General Blood Services: "Dr. Cohen is one of those wonderful people who are called to help people and save patients' lives. He also does this with his professional work as a geriatrics specialist, both as a motivated blood donor and with the help of his blood mobile and his family who have donated to MDA. We are fortunate to have such great donors