Former NY Assemblyman Dov Hikind holds 'Jewish George Floyd protest'

Former Dem Party assemblyman, Dov Hikind talked to Arutz Sheva about a civil rights rally he helped organize in NYC.

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Yoni Kempinski ,

Dov Hikind holds rally for George Floyd
Dov Hikind holds rally for George Floyd
Yoni Kempinski

Former New York Assemblyman and founder of Americans Against anti-Semitism, Dov Hikind, was interviewed by Arutz Sheva following a recent George Floyd rally held in NY.

"Where's everyone? People need to speak out," he stated. "By the same token, it's important for us to be there especially in a situation like this," he said. "And at the same time, you know (sic) I'm a very great supporter of the police but I also recognize they're not perfect, they make mistakes…and we need to pretend: maybe it was our son, our father that got into a confrontation and something horrible like this happened (sic)."

"It doesn't say that justice is only for Jews…we need to be there for others as well," he continued.

Asked about the reaction to the rally, Hikind said he had never seen anything of that nature. "Why did you have to do it here? We support you but can't you do it somewhere else? Floyd was a bad guy. Did you see his arrest record?" he quoted people as asking him. "Other people just didn't understand. I mean, what's wrong with people sometimes?" he wondered.

"One of the things I did (was) do a minute of silence. My wife told me: You know, that wasn't a minute. It was a lot longer…60 seconds isn't a lot. Except if you stop and wait…in the case of Floyd, it was eight minutes and 46 seconds…"

"Look, I'm a Jew, a very proud Jew—everyone knows that," Hikind stated. "But at the same time…we need to speak out…especially at a time like this when the whole world is speaking out…"

"I'm very proud of the Jewish community," he said. "This is something that every Jewish community should do."

Hikind said people were worried about the rampant anti-Semitism over the past year and "what would be in the world after the coronavirus."

He also said he was "proud" to "walk hand-in-hand" with a representative of the Floyd family—reverend Kevin McCall, who spent five years working as an aide to controversial race activist Al Sharpton, and influential figure in the Black Lives Matter movement.

"We need to have allies; we need…friends. The State of Israel needs friends; the Jewish People need friends…sometimes people we think are our friends don't turn out to be wonderful friends but being there for George Floyd should have been a no-brainer for everyone," the one-time Democrat Party activist concluded.