Bennett: I'm convinced Netanyahu will not apply sovereignty

Yamina chairman on why he didn't join the government: Netanyahu didn't want us there, he never made an offer.

Elad Benari ,

Bennett and Netanyahu
Bennett and Netanyahu
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Yamina party chairman Naftali Bennett was interviewed by Channel 12 News on Wednesday evening and was asked why he decided to stay outside the government.

"Netanyahu did not want us. There was not one moment of negotiations," he replied. Asked if he thought the reason was the personal rift between him and the Prime Minister, Bennett said, "I’m beyond these stories about how Netanyahu feels about us for so many years. I have come to serve my people. There were no arguments, no negotiations. We spoke once through Zoom and that was it."

"He offered three small ministerial portfolios, I wasn’t interested," Bennett continued. "We did not want ministries that deal with nothing, convoys, Audis, we’re not interested. We want to be in a government in which we have an influence. There was no moment in which a real proposal was made, he did not want us having an influence. In the meantime, a fat, bloated government was established and not a right-wing government. We have nothing to look for there."

"The biggest failure of the government is that there are six million unemployed, because the government is not preparing for the second wave [of coronavirus], and they will become permanently unemployed. The most important thing is to look after the livelihood of people," Bennett added.

"The government is not setting up a testing system. In the winter we will see something we haven’t seen before, 1,000 people a day with flu symptoms, the coronavirus and the flu will mix together. The only way to treat it is through a testing system.”

"I sat there in the Coronavirus Cabinet and concluded that the problem was that the duo of Gantz-Netanyahu, neither of them has ever run a business, and that is why they allow themselves to simply mistreat the private sector," Bennett continued. "They get their pay every month. They shut down public transportation for no reason. What is all the hysteria? Instead of holding press conferences, get to work.”

Bennett said he does not believe that the government will go through with applying sovereignty over Judea and Samaria. "When I see Netanyahu talk about it so much, I'm convinced he won't do it. He said he would apply sovereignty over all of Judea and Samaria - I'm all for sovereignty, but I strongly oppose the establishment of a Palestinian terrorist state in the heart of Israel. If this is the legacy of the lovely pair Netanyahu and Gantz - we will fight against a Palestinian state with all our might."

"We learned a lesson. What I see from Netanyahu is that he took advantage and then tossed aside and not only that, he tossed aside the entire ideological right. He took the votes, said ‘we will restrain the justice system, establish a free economy, and apply sovereignty.’ In the end he gave the Justice Ministry to [Avi] Nissenkorn, anarchy in the rule of law.”

The Likud said in response, "Bennett refused every proposal and before that, he refused to recommend Netanyahu as a candidate for forming the government. The argument was only about seats in the government."