An earthquake does not mean the world is coming to an end.

Rabbi Hagai Londin ,

הרב חגי לונדין
הרב חגי לונדין
צילום: ללא

The Babylonian Talmud (Brachot 59) tells of the Rav Katina, who passed by a cave in which the 'Oba Temea' - a sorcerer who engaged in mystical visions with dead bones - was to be found; and at the same exact time a 'Guha', earthquake, occurred.

The sorcerer dramatically declared that an earthquake is an expression of a mystical shake-up that will generate worldwide upheavals.

Rabbi Zeira, for his part, was not impressed and noted that the same “Oba Temea” was a liar, whose words are harmful to reality.

This Gemara serves to teach the principle of the Talmudic Sages' approach to anarchists of all kinds.

The pictures coming from the United States frighten us because they broadcast the lack of order. The world's greatest power appears to be ripped apart right before our eyes; and together with the Corona crisis, these are combined to elicit the feeling of a fire sale and the 'end of the world'.

The truth is far from that.

The social struggle there - and everywhere - is much more complex than a simplistic struggle between the good guys and the bad guys; and objectively speaking, the United States will not collapse so quickly. Despite the dreams of extremists there and here - the conservative forces are not going anywhere.

This is also true on the personal level. There are periods in time - and for many, the current period is one of them - that the prevailing feeling is of dismantling and anarchy.

When the order in our lives is shaken, at times the solution appear to be that the "Old World should be destroyed down to its foundation," to imagine that breaking the existing frameworks will give a 'solution once and for all'. So too, in relation to economic stress; to overeating; and so too in relation to our struggle with the lack of modesty or libel.

It is precisely the ongoing struggle with the Corona waves that can teach us that the road to victory is in points and not in a 'knockout'. Solid and continuous determination – that is the spiritual muscle to cultivate now.

Smart people are not tempted to be the 'Oba Temea' sorcerers of any kind, and do not give in to their overly dramatic description of reality. Although earthquakes tell us about changes, their actualization is slow and restrained; constructive and not destructive.

The bad will pass.

The good will overcome.

With the help of God

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