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"Anywhere we can help to build the Land of Israel and to defend it, Am Yisrael Chai is here!"

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Shmuel Sacket
Shmuel Sacket
Arutz Sheva

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During this Arutz Sheva and Charidy Week of Solidarity, we spoke with Shmuel Sacket, founder and director of the Am Yisrael Chai Foundation, founded back in 2001.

“We originally set out to help farmers having a lot of problems here … and so far, we’ve planted over 300,000 new fruit trees across the Land of Israel," he tells us, adding that one aspect of his organization's work that was impossible to predict has been providing aid to farmers whose fields have been scorched by Hamas fire bombs sent over from Gaza.

In general, Am Yisrael Chai is an organization that has shown an extraordinary flexibility to identify a need that isn't currently being filled by anyone, and stepping in to get things done, no fuss, no bureaucracy, just quick, responsive action. As such, they found themselves assisting the Israel Dog Unit, which is, Sacket tells us, "an all-volunteer unit that is the only group that does search and rescue for the over 4,000 people who go missing every year in Israel, and we just build them two command centers.

“And we help teens at risk – anywhere we can help teens to build the Land of Israel and to defend it, Am Yisrael Chai is here!

“This week is a week when with G-d’s help, with your involvement, we’ll be able to get our dreams off the ground and help people across Israel.

“We need your help now!”

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