Senior Chabad rabbi: We oppose Trump plan - but won't take to the streets in protest

Despite his opposition to Trump administration's Mideast peace plan, senior Chabad rabbi says movement won't organize protests.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rabbi Yitzchak Yehuda Yeruslavski
Rabbi Yitzchak Yehuda Yeruslavski
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A senior Chabad rabbi in Israel who criticized the Trump administration’s Middle East peace plan said that despite opposition to the proposal, the Chabad movement will not organize demonstrations against the plan.

Rabbi Yitzchak Yehuda Yeruslavski, who leads the central Chabad rabbinical court in Israel, said that while he and other Chabad leaders strongly oppose the Trump peace plan, no public campaigns would be organized.

“We will lobby everyone we can. But we won’t take to the streets, and we won’t organize campaigns,” Rabbi Yeruslavski told Kol Barama radio Monday night.

“We have an obligation to warn, as the Rebbe fought so that the Land of Israel would remain in the possession of the Jewish people, and to oppose concessions in exchange for promises. This is a matter of protecting lives.”

Rabbi Yeruslavski reiterated his opposition to the Trump peace plan, saying that it is “very problematic”.

“Anyone with eyes in his head can see the danger. I also heard so from experts and people who understand this [plan]. Trump won’t give what he can’t give, and the Arabs will get everything they want. According to the plan, settler enclaves will be surrounded.”

Earlier, Rabbi Yeruslavski penned a letter to Israeli Binyamin Netanyahu, urging him not to endorse President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan.