Golani Commander:
'We didn't sleep until the terrorist was captured'

Family of murdered soldier Amit Ben Yigal observe the village of Ya'bad where Amit was killed during operational activity.

Ido Ben Porat ,

Family of Amit Ben Yigal with his fellow soldiers
Family of Amit Ben Yigal with his fellow soldiers
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Family members of Golani Brigade fighter Amit Ben Yigal observed the Palestinian Arab village of Ya'bad in northern Samaria, where Amit was killed when a rock was thrown at him by a terrorist during operational activity.

The family was accompanied by brigade commanders and Amit’s fellow soldiers.

The Commander of the Givati Reconnaissance Battalion, Lt. Col. Ayoub Kayuf, summarized the efforts to capture the terrorist, saying that "there is tremendous value in the fact that last night, Golani fighters, the unit in which Amit served, came full circle and captured the terrorist.”

"As befits the values of the Golani Brigade and its combatants, we did not sleep until the mission was completed. From here, we continue in the path and spirit of Amit, reinforced and ready for the next operational challenges, and to protect all Israeli citizens whenever and wherever required," added Kayuf.


Photos: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

On Sunday, it was cleared for publication that Israeli security forces captured an Arab terrorist responsible for killing Ben Yigal.

The terrorist, 49-year-old Nizmi Abu Bakr of Ya’bad, is suspected of dropping a rock on Ben Yigal from the roof of his building during an arrest operation on the night of May 12.

Baruch Ben Yigal, Amit’s father, visited his son's grave on Sunday evening to inform him of the capture of the terrorist who threw the rock.

Baruch Ben Yigal took the opportunity to tell his son that this Thursday, they will unveil a Torah scroll in his memory initiated by Rabbi Zamir Cohen, an initiative involving thousands of Jews from all over the world and which moved the father very much.