There will not be a Third Destruction

Things seem to be piling up just now - corona, riots in the USA, economic difficulties and more, but in the long term, they are improving..

Rabbi Hagai Lundin ,

הרב חגי לונדין
הרב חגי לונדין
צילום: ללא

These are not simple days for optimistic people.

The Corona crisis that seemed to be behind us continues to shake us up; the media overloads us with the riots full of hatred around the world; social and economic tensions are heightened; and the huge cloud of uncertainty of the “end of the world” is floating above everything..

It is told that Rabbi Herzog, the Chief Rabbi of the Land of Israel during World War II, was asked whether to flee from Israel due to the progress of the Germans (from North Africa); and he replied , "we have a tradition that there will not be a Third Destruction." And there wasn't.

The optimism of Rabbi Herzog did not come from naivete but rather from a realistic view of the world of God. In the long-term view of history, we see that the world is advancing in all respects. In every plane at which we look - wars, economic crises, diseases, social tensions – the difficulties are not disappearing but are becoming more moderate through the generations.

In the end, we see the results: In spite of intimidation and pessimism, from generation to generation, people are becoming more healthy, more satisfied – and even if it a little difficult to see — also more moral and happier; this is called Geula, Redemption.

The wise thing is to identify and prepare for the present dangers through the overall view in an unemotional and proportional way (in the case of Rabbi Herzog, the overall view of the time - both spiritually and security-wise – was that the right preparedness vis a vis the Germans here was to stay and defend, as opposed to the Jewish communities in Europe where the correct action was to actually come to Israel).

I am not Rabbi Herzog and this is not World War II; but I am certain that in the next months we will see the Corona crisis pass; social order restored; the economy recover; and in the coming years - we will see how this present period has advanced our moral and ethical values.

Courage. Patience. Optimism. Realism.

Things will be good!

The bad will pass.

The good will increase.

With the help of G-d

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